Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Place where Stones speak ,KONARK ,ODISHA

Journey from puri and konark is very scenic. Ponds with lotus flower, cashew plant and other trees followed our entire journey.  Most of the area between puri and konark is animal sanctuary and during summer season it is common to see deer and other animals running across the road in search of food. Whole journey was comfortable and we enjoyed the natural beauty. In the last few minutes we could see the beautiful sea.
Our driver dropped us few hundreds meter before the Sun temple. We walked to the temple and bought entrance ticket at main gate. Near We hired a guide near the main entrance to understand the architecture and history in better way.
Sun temple at konark is one of the UNESCO heritage list and at present renovation of main temple is going in full swing. One of the temple much taller than the present one is already perished. Even the present temple is filled inside with stones by British to save it. The temple was built in the shape of a gigantic chariot with elaborately carved stone wheels, pillars and walls. There are 24 wheels surrounding the present temple.
There is no word to describe the beauty of SUN temple. It is the place where stones speak. Each and every corner of stone is filled with beautiful carving and sculptures. Every sculpture represents something including dancers, couple, family, disease, rituals, mythical figures, idols, eroticism, and many more. 
Our guide helped us  to understand the history and the sculptures.  Architecture of the temple is influenced by Buddhist, Chinese, Greece style.
There are few broken statue of sun god . Our guide told us that it has Greek influence as you can see the tall shoe , which is not present in Indian sculptures. 
I was surprise to see the eroticism ( Sorry not putting those picture here). It was just like kamasutra carved on the walls. I was just wondering how the  indian society was liberal and open in past. After spending almost 4 hour inside, we walked back to the our vehicle. On the way back we bought few souvenir after easy bargain.

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  1. "Place where Stones speak": Bahut sundar bhabe apana Konark bisayare barnana karichhanti. Descriptions, photographs aau Information bahut badhia lekhichanti. Jadi Konark mandir ra architecture significance bisayare aau tike ama mananku eithi janeibe ahuri bi bhala haba.