Friday, December 4, 2015

VIsit to MIracle garden dubai 2015-2016

Dubai miracle garden is a beautiful garden in the middle of desert. Every year acres of land near dubailand turns into paradise from November to April. 
Visited yesterday on 27th November and it was breathtaking. Contrary to previous year there are many variety of flowers. Miracle Garden has the record in Guinness Book achieved The Largest Vertical Garden in 2013.
9am - 9pm: weekdays
9am - 11pm: weekends
(Friday and Saturday)
Entrance ticket:
Regular (30 AED)
Disabled (Free)
3 yrs old and below (Free)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Beautiful Parks of Dubai

It is hard to believe acres of green park filled with tree, flowers and birds amid desert. Dubai defy all the limitation and with effort of people it is one of the greenest place in middle east.
There are many parks open for publicand equipped with play ground, lakes, barbecue area, picnic area and many more attractions.
Many of the parks are home of immigrating birds during winter and a good place to see  and photograph birds.

Entry fee to the park varies from AED 3 tp AED 5 per person. There is also provision for membership cards which is valid for year and cost AED 320 per person.
Most of the park have ladies day in a week and only ladies and kids are allowed to enter for that day.
For more detail, news and upcoming event visit Public Parks and Children City Section of  DUBAI MUNICIPALITY .

The Creek Park is situated near Garhoud bridges and  it is the second largest park in Dubai. There is an Dolphinarium and  bird park inside the park.

Zabeel Park (Arabicحديقة زعبيل‎) is an urban public park located in the Zabeel district of DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
This park is a pastiche of patches of lawn, gardens and waterfalls, a ladies' garden, children's playgrounds and even a lake.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Visit to al qudra lake in the middle of Seih Al Salam desert, Dubai

Al qudra lake is man made wonder in the middle of Seih Al Salam desert, Dubai. It is spread over many acres and many Migratory birds havestart arriving in this lake. It is home to many released exotic and native bird species. Its still under development to make desert more greener .  It was memorable experience to drive along the lake during sunset.
Drive Drive along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd and Al Qudra Rd. You will see the below struture.
 Follow the road until at a roundabout you see a trek cycle store. 
Trek cycle store( pic from

Take a dirt road besides the store to reach lakes.

There is no shop around the lake so do not forget to take water and snacks. 
Please do not throw any things near the lake as many volunteers and Dubai municipality workers are working hard to keep this place clean. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Inside National Orchid Garden, Singapore

Botanical garden is recently added in UNESCO heritage list. Entry to botanical garden is free and entry fee to national orchid garden is 5 Singapore dollar.  National Orchid Garden is Frequently voted #1 or #2 attraction in Singapore by TripAdvisory. It is spread above 3 hectare and having many attraction including VIP orchid, Mist house, bromeliad Collection and many other area. We spent two hour exploring this beautiful garden filled with thousand of species of orchid.