Saturday, October 31, 2015

Visit to al qudra lake in the middle of Seih Al Salam desert, Dubai

Al qudra lake is man made wonder in the middle of Seih Al Salam desert, Dubai. It is spread over many acres and many Migratory birds havestart arriving in this lake. It is home to many released exotic and native bird species. Its still under development to make desert more greener .  It was memorable experience to drive along the lake during sunset.
Drive Drive along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd and Al Qudra Rd. You will see the below struture.
 Follow the road until at a roundabout you see a trek cycle store. 
Trek cycle store( pic from

Take a dirt road besides the store to reach lakes.

There is no shop around the lake so do not forget to take water and snacks. 
Please do not throw any things near the lake as many volunteers and Dubai municipality workers are working hard to keep this place clean. 

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