Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Half day in Catherine Palace, Pushkin, Saint Petersburg, Russia

We took metro and  bus to reach Catherine Palace from Saint petersburg. There was rush of tourist mostly from cruise and other groups to enter. We had to wait almost half an hour to get into the palace as guards were instructed to let  limited number of person inside.
It is astonishing palace and hard to imagine that the palace was completely destroyed during Second world war. The only reason i came to visit this palace was to see Amber house, an ancient lost marvel. Amber house is in the middle of the palace and no photography is allowed. 

Catherine park is adjacent to palace and it was blooming with tulip and other colorful flowers.  Wild flowers and lake makes it perfect getaway for the city dwellers. There is another garden called french garden where all the tree  are shaped squared or rectangular. We had limited time and could not explore the whole garden and returned back to bus stop . 

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