Thursday, October 8, 2015

Visiting Bird Market in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

After exploring Impressive Prambanan Temple we headed towards our hotel. One of my friend told me about famous bird market of Yogyakarta. I asked my driver about it and i was glad to find out that it is on the way to the city. We decided to stop to explore it. Bird watching and photography is my hobby and watching caged birds is never a good experience for me. My intention was to see some rare birds in this market.
Even though many shops were closed due to Eid, it is biggest bird market I have ever seen. First thing that we saw after entering the market was shops selling alive CricketCaterpillar, bugs, ants and ant egg. I guessed it was for some local cuisine just to realize later that these are favorite food of caged birds. Market is spread over a large area and every corner is filled with birds, just name it and the bird is available in some corner. I saw dozen of new bird species, which I have never seen before. One small corner of the market also sell bats, reptiles, cats, rabbits and dog.  Later on during my Yogyakarta trip I realize that every house has a caged bird, I don’t know whether it’s custom or just a fashion.

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