Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Night Market of Siem Reap

Siem Reap is voted as one of the best destination of the world by many Travel agencies and the city deserve it. Once a sleepy village is now one of the biggest attraction of the world and credit go to Ankgor wat and other temples surrounding it. 
Its a bustling tourist town with streets filled with restaurant, message parlous, pub and shops. Siem Reap is considered as city of backpackers and foreign tourist outnumbers locan cambodian. It is extremely cheap city by western standard. It is also having numerous Indian restaurant and i never had issue to find a vegetarian restaurant for my wife. 
Pub street is situated just opposite to night market and filled with pub, restaurant and nightclubs. it is a good place to spend evening after tiring tour of angkor.
There is another night market called Art night market just across the canal. This market and famous for souvenir. we bought wooden carving of Apsara and face of Buddha as in bayon temple for very reasonable price. 

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