Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Visit to Jagannath Puri

VISIT: Oct 2013
STAY @ New Shankar International, Puri

Jagannath Puri is one of the holiest city and among four dham of Hindus . Temple was not very far from our hotel. In the morning our driver dropped us few Km before the temple and instructed us to keep camera, phone, leather items inside the car as these are not allowed inside the temple. My wife and I took Rickshaw from the car stand to the temple and it dropped us in front of the temple. I was hoping for big rush to go inside but it was not and we were easily able to get inside the temple.
 People were performing puja everywhere on the ground. We were easily able to get the glimpse of lord Jagannath and spent few minutes inside the temple. We looked around the impressive temples, there is many other small temples with beautiful carving on it. After darshan i paid some money to temple trust and brought prasad for my family. Panda (Not the Chinese one) accosted us since we got down from rickshaw, i simply refused and it was much easier than my expectation. I was appalled to see the security arrangement, in fact there were no security check and only few policeman were guarding at the entrance. 
Next day after coming back from konark, i took  few picture from outside.

The street in front of temple is very wide and half of the street is covered with vendors selling pics,jewelry,garlands, sweets and many more items.
Colorful street

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