Sunday, May 17, 2015

2 days in jungle village chitwan, Nepal

DATE: March 2015
STAY: Chitwan Village Resort

We spent our last two days of Nepal in sauraha.  Sauraha is a small village in Chitwan District close to the Rapti River and Chitwan National Park. Chitwan nation park is home of endanger rhinoceros and tiger.  
  We went to see  tharu dance show in night, which is local dance and performed by tharu community of the village.

Next morning we headed for our first excursion of Canoeing in Rapti River. Canoe was made from single long tree trunk without any join. Jungle, Rain and foggy weather created an eerie atmosphere. It was freighting experience to see crocodiles from few feet. We were able to see many beautiful birds including kingfishers, Lapwing, peacocks, egrets.

Our guide took us for jungle walk with a single bamboo stick. He informed usabout what  should we do in case Rhino, bear or tiger chase us. After 15-20 minute the sky grew black with clouds and wind was picking up. Our guide told us to run as fast as we can toward other end otherwise we might get lost. We ran like hell behind our guide. It was raining leave in almost dark. It was scariest moment of my life. We survived and did not regret of seeing only dear, monkeys and birds.
It started raining and we had to wait inside the elephant breeding office. We were able to see elephant from all the age from 2 month old to mature adult. Baby elephant were very cute and playing with mud.  It is sad to see they are chained but it is also helping to increase their number. Our guide told us that all the adult are female because it is difficult to control adult male. Wild male from chitwan national park frequent here during mating season.
We returned back to our hotel and got a sad news that all the jeep safari has been cancelled due to morning storm and rain. There are many tree fallen on the way of safari. We were sad that we can not see rhino or tiger anymore. We changed our plan and decided to go for Elephant safari in late afternoon instead of next morning.
It was one hour tour and for sure not a comfortable ride. It was still drizzling and passing through the rapti river on elephant was an unforgettable moment.
We saw deers, wild boar, monkey and many birds. It was my first time to see the Great Indian hornbill.

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