Sunday, August 9, 2015

Arabian wildlife park, sharjah, UAE

Arabian Wildlife Park, sharjah, UAE situated at al dhaid road is world’s biggest park of Arabian wildlife. It is not very known destination in the UAE and even on our Friday visit we could see few people inside the park. 
It was my first experience to be inside an indoor Wildlife park. This park could be a good place to spend weekend during summer. Entrance fee is 15 AED with free parking.
Park is divided into four section which includes Arabian wildlife centre, Natural History Museum, Botanical Museum and Children's Farm.  
Arabian wildlife centre is home of almost all the Arabian wildlife and world famous for their breeding programs of endanger Arabian species.
The Wildlife Centre has been divided up into various sections, each dedicated to a group of species including reptiles, invertebrates, birds, nocturnal animals, gazelle, and large carnivores. Photography is not allowed inside. Temperature and lights inside each enclosure is maintained as per animals/ reptile requirement to give them feeling of their natural habitat. Some enclosures are almost dark and difficult to see inside, i guess it was made for the nocturnal animal. It also having a big open aviary. We were able to get a very close look of predators including endanger Cheeta and leopard just from other side of glass. There are also a great number of baboons, hyena, honey badger, porcupine, desert fox, and other animals. Many animals are placed in open area surrounded with man made mountain like structure and trees.
Botanical section is place to see plants of different variety of vegetables and spices.It was my first chance to see saffron plant.
Natural History Museum is very interesting and informative. It is a good place to learn about history of earth and desert life.
The fourth section is Farm Section, where it is possible to feed farm animal and get close to them. No doubt This is a good place to learn about Arabian wildlife and desert life  not only for kids but adults too.

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