Saturday, November 23, 2013

In the search of chilika dolphin , Satapada

Visit: OCT 2013

Chilika Lake is world famous for migratory birds and i wanted to spend some time watching and capturing some beautiful pics. I planned to stay in Bakul to explore the chilka. Unfortunately i came to know that it is not the time of bird migration after calling many hotels in bakul. I changed my planning and included one day for satpada trip to explore chilika and see chilika dolphins. Late-night we reached Puri from Bhubaneswar by train. I booked car for next two day through my hotel to take us around the puri. We started our journey in morning in the search of chilika dolphins.
We passed through green pasture and small villages. Ponds and flooded field with beautiful lotus flowers followed us entire journey. I could see many birds on electric wires and cattle wading through waters. We ordered our lunch in a restaurant just  few km before the chilika lake and our driver suggested that it will be ready when we comeback.
Beautiful lotus flowers on the way to chilika lakeFlooded field on the way to chilika lake
I bought water and some snacks for our trip from nearby shops. With the help of our driver i was able to negotiate the price of our boat for the trip. I requested boat owner to provide life jacket for safety, he laughed and said don’t worry you will not die as water depth is only 4 feet.Boats at chilika lake , satpada

Finally our four our journey started. Weather was calm and pleasant.  I could see many area with bamboos projecting out from water, i guesses it might be for fishing. After half an hour we landed on Small Island. People were sailing pearl and coral reef to the tourists. We had a chance to get glimpse of unique chilika lake crab.

Strange crab at chilika lake
After 2 hour, we reached our final destination. We were able to see many dolphins. Dolphins were swift and unpredictable and i could not manage to take any good picture. After spending 15-20 minutes and watching dolphins and migratory birds, we started our backward journey. Soon it was raining and made the weather very romantic. Our boat driver covered the boat to protect us from rain. We slept on the boat and could see and touch the water of the lake as freeboard was very less. It was wonderful experience. There were many birds, mainly hawks sitting on the bamboos. Only annoying part of the whole journey was the sound of motor of the boat.
Raptor at chilika lake at stapadaMigratory bird at chilika lake, stapadaHide and seek with chilika dolphinChilika dolphins
On the way back we had preordered seafood lunch  and returned to puri with memories.

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