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STAY  @ Waterland Hotel ($16)
35/42 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Hue, Vietnam

We reached afternoon by bus from Hoi An. My wife and I spent two night exploring Hue city. Hotel was in city centre and everything was walking distance from it. After resting for an hour we went to Sincafe to confirm our booking for next day tour. It was easy to navigate in the city by maps. Hue is bustling city and much crowded compare to Hoi an. We went to see nearby HO CHI MINH museum, which was closed on that day. We spent evening watching beautiful PERFUME River, sunset and roaming around city.

Bridge on the perfume river, hue
Bridge on the river
Floating Hotel on the river, hue
Floating Hotel on the river
Sunset on perfume river, hue
Sunset on perfume river

We did  some shopping and had dinner at Omar Al Khayyam Indian Restaurant.Next morning we started our HUE bus trip at 8:00. It was very good and economical trip organised was SINCAFE($10). We started from Hue city and covered Tomb Of Minh MangTomb of Tu Duc, Khai Dinh Royal Tomb , martial art centre, Imperial city, village and Hue Thien Mu Pagoda.Our guide Explained history of every place beyond  our 
guide book . He also told us many stories and myths about the places.

Tomb Of Minh Mang

The construction of the tomb of Minh Mang was completed in 1843,It is located in an enclosed hilly area  in Cam Khe village, 12 km from the centre of Hue.It was best tomb of all, well maintained and spread over large area. There is woodland and lakes are inside the tomb magnifying its beauty   
Way to the locked grave at Tomb Of Minh Mang , hue

Beautiful lake at  Tomb Of Minh Mang , hue

Khai Dinh Royal Tomb 

It is build in 1925 relatively small and new compare to other two tomb we saw.This is very beautiful tomb.Architecture and design is greatly influence by west, inside there are beautiful mosaics design  Our guide told us that Vietnamese people do not like Khai Dianh as he was puppet of french and did not care about his countrymen. This tomb was completed by his son.

Khai Dinh Royal Tomb, Hue
Portrait of Khai Dinh , Hue
Guardians at Khai Dinh Royal Tomb   Portrait of Khai Dinh , Hue

Beautiful mosaic design on the wall and roof.

Beautiful mosaic design on the wall of the tombBeautiful mosaic design on the wall of the tombBeautiful mosaic design on the wall of the tombBeautiful mosaic design on the wall of the tombBeautiful mosaic design on the roof of the tombBeautiful mosaic design on the wall of the tomb

View from Khai Dinh Royal Tomb
View from the top 

Tomb of Tu DucTomb 

Tu Duc built in 1884 is in in Duong Xuan Thuong village, on the bank of the Perfume river. Our guide told us the emperor had more than 100 wife and no kids. Beautiful architecture surrounded by mountain and rives. It is very modest tomb and also served as vacation palace for emperor.
Vacation palace of Tomb of Tu  DucTomb , Hue

Red coloured bricks are newly placed, old one is destroyed by Grave robbers.

Incense making in a village, Hue
Incense and handicraft making village.

On the way back we stopped to village for some time. we  saw making of incense and bought some long incense.

Beautifully arranged Incense stick, Hue
Beautifully arranged Incense stick, Hue

Welcome to Martial art centre , Hue

Martial art centre.

We were introduced to some Vietnamese martial art and dragon dance.


  Dragon dance at  Martial art centre , Hue Some martial art

Imperial city

The Imperial City is palace in the former capital of Vietnam.After entering the main entrance there is model of city , unfortunately only 10 out of 160 buildings survived the battle of hue in 1968. It was included in UNESCO site in 1993. Restoration and building work is in full swing to restore it. There are still  many bullets marks on the walls 

Entrance of Imperial city, Hue
Main entrance
Reminder of vietnam war inside Imperial city, Hue
Reminder of the destruction
Bullet marks on the wall of Imperial city, Hue
Bullet marks
Lone survivor insie Imperial city, Hue
Lone survivor of the war
Temple , imperial city, Hue

Thien Mu Pagoda 

 It historic tallest pagoda in Vietnam besides the river. 

Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue

The Austin motor vehicle in which Thich Quang Duc was driven to his self-immolation in Saigon in 1963 against the Diem regime
The Austin motor vehicle in which Thich Quang Duc was driven to his self-immolation in Saigon in 1963 against the Diem regime. 
The tour ended at 4:00 PM and we headed for boat to cross the Perfume rive. It was 30 minute tour. After reaching the shore we walked to see the HO CHI MINH MUSEUM.

Boating on Perfume river, Hue


 Every city in Vietnam has one.


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