Saturday, September 14, 2013


My experience with Vietnamese food.

During my month visit to Vietnam i came across variety of food, some of them were weird for me. I had some Vietnamese friends and they introduced me to many Unique dished, which i never had before. They even taught me how to eat many of them. Interestinglyeach Vietnamese dish need to have with different kind of leaf. Each dish when eaten with raw leaf gives a unique taste.All the food we had were mostly alive and we had option to select  before cooking.
Someone told me that Vietnamese people go to the market twice in a day,  once in morning to buy fresh food for lunch and then in evening for dinner.
eating octopus with chilly sauce in vung tau, vietnam
Octopus with chilly sauce
eating periwinkle snail in vung tau, vietnam
periwinkle snail
Alive turtle,vung tau, vietnam
Alive turtle for your selection
Turtle meet with raw leaf
Turtle meet with raw leaf
eating turtle heart, vung tau, vietnam
Heart of turtle

eating Cephalopod, vung tau, vietnam
sea snake meat in vung tau, vietnam
Sea snake

eating Frogs meat in vung tau, vietnam
Frogs meat
eating Balut (fertile duck egg) in vung tau
eating Mantis shrimp in vietnam
Mantis shrimp
eating Oyster in Vietnamese style
eating seashell in Vietnamese style
eating seashell in Vietnamese style

Fish to be boiled

Rice crackers
drinking Snake wine in vietnam
Snake wine

 Bia hoi is local beer  Costs only 5000VND per glass and contains 3% alcohol.
  It is known as worlds cheapest beer.
drinking cheap Bia hoi on roadside stall, hanoi
Bia hoi

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